October Opal Halloween Scary

Raised by a Witch, a Swamp Monster. Spooky Story for the kids as the planet moves close to the souls of the other world!

October Opal

October's Birthstone
The opal is the only birthstone that displays all the colors of the rainbow.

October has the birthstone opal… all the colors in the rainbow, it’s beautiful.

Many people associate October with the colors orange and black. The colors of Halloween, October 31st, the eerie month. Legend has it that the earth and the planet of the dead souls comes really close and those souls may cross over.

Halloween in Salem Massachusetts

Last year Halloween was not celebrated due to Covid. It looks like it is on for 2021. Just be careful what’s dropped in your child’s Trick or Treat bag, check it all before eating anything.

It’s suppose to be a fun holiday but a few mean ones are still around. I can remember my mother would not let me go out alone even when I was 12.  She always came with my cousin and I even in freezing weather. And she hated the cold. After 12 years old I couldn’t go. She decided I was too old. But it is a nice memory.

When I was a kid there was no computers and online shopping. Yes, there was a time that you had to put a stamp on an envelope and mail it. But the mouse was soon to sneak in making shopping for holiday gifts online so much easier.

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