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New Year’s resolution, the most wished for is ” to lose weight” That is almost always what people want to do in the United States anyway.

Different cultures welcome the change of the year with different traditions.


You better like grapes on New Years’ Eve as the year changes. 12 grapes, one for each stroke of the clock at midnight, to bring good luck for 1 month of the coming year. In the larger cities, people gather together, eat the grapes together, and pass around bottles of cava.


They wish for a travel-filled year so they carry empty suitcases around the block.


These guys are throwers and jumpers!. Old plates and glasses are thrown against the doors of family and friends to get rid of evil spirits. Some even stand on chairs and jump off at midnight together in hopes of starting January with good luck.


People predict the coming year by casting molten into a container of water and interpreting what shape they see. If the shape looks like a ring or heart, someone will marry. A pig shape means plenty of food, and a ship means to travel.


They drive off evil spirits by burning effigies of well-known people and political figures in Panama. The effigies are meant to represent the old year.


“First-Footing” is practiced in Scotland. The first person who crosses into a house should carry a gift of luck. They also hold bonfire ceremonies where people swing giant fireballs on poles, symbols of the sun to purify the coming year.


Plus other South American countries insist on wearing certain colored underwear. Red and yellow are the most popular colors, Love and money… what else matters??


You will see a bunch of onions hanging from doors in Greece on New Year’s Eve. They are the symbol of rebirth in the New year. On New year’s Day, parents wake their kids by tapping them on the heads with the onion!

To each their own!

In the US we sing “Auld Lang Syne” as the ball falls to greet the New Year. This country also celebrates by shopping for holiday gifts online for family and friends.

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