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Online Christmas Gift Idea

Consider beautiful arrangement of flowers in flower vase, bouquet or in a basket. You can choose a wide range of flowers like roses, daisies, Lilies or mixed flowers. Flower Basket or Flower Bowl. Can’t go wrong with the ladies.

Online Christmas Gift Idea: Food… Christmas Fruit Baskets

A basket filled with different types of fruits will be a great gift idea for this Christmas. With Fruits, you can also add cheeses, meats, crackers and other goodies.

Christmas Gift Baskets

Sending a plant is a beautiful way to express thanks or to send cheer to a loved one. My friend received a plant about 10 years ago as a “job well done” from the local newspaper. It is a hanging plant and he was so proud and appreciative that they thought enough to recognize his efforts. The plant is still here but he has passed since but I make sure it is watered and gets plenty of sun!

A beautiful combination of plants and flowers is also a good idea. You can include variety of plants combined with flower. Send a Bonsai or Lucky Bamboo for your friend who is interested in Feng Shui.

Christmas Sweet Baskets but not to a friend or relative trying to lose weight. The following can’t be resisted. Warning, give to your skinny friends with high metabolism.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries in Basket. I love chocolate covered strawberries. Trouble is, if I have one, I’ll eat the entire basket full.

Christmas Cake Baskets, again very fattening, send it along with a wearable weight loss device if they have a sense of humor!! Better not, it’s Christmas, be nice.

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