October Zodiacs are Libra/Scorpio Opal/Tourmaline

October, Halloween month, houses both the Libra and the Scorpio. Oh, OMG, the both of them have been called the “relationship signs!” I know this personally, I’m one and he is the other. That’s why they both are in the Spooky month. Emotions fly high but life can be interesting.

They both have a coupling ability. Scorpio has an  urge to merge together and an intense gaze that Libra’s usually love. But not always. Libras like to be desired on their terms. Libra’s  sign is the Scales, has to balance everything, and I mean everything out. Many will go back and forth until they feel it is just right. Makes them COD ish in my opinion. But that’s just my opinion.

The Scorpio gets a bad rap in the zodiac world.  This sign in love is jealous, dramatic and secretive.  Has to be their way and can be aggressive but never boring, no, not the Scorpio. Will grab you by the hand and race you to the bed! They are the most jealous and possessive sign out there! The Scorpio symbol is the Scorpion of course.  That in itself should say something.

Great Holiday Gifts Online for October

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Gem Stone Jewelry

Gem Stone

Gem Stone Store King  is a family business that  began in 1903.  The company prides themselves on delivering the highest quality of fine jewelry. Their gems are a work of art and the website is easy to follow and so colorful and pretty, just like the product they produce.

Gem Stone King is also the leading online jewelry retailer. They offer pieces from pendants, bracelets, earrings,  engagement rings, ( they are beautiful) with different colored stones, all pictured on their website, along with precious metals of 10K, 14K, 18K Gold and over 900  of Sterling Silver.

Shop at Gem Stone Store King for Holiday Gifts Online.


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Most Popular Toys for Christmas 2021

Its still early so this could change. But there are many toys  on the list this year that are perfect for many age groups. Not one in particular like when the Cabbage Patch Kid back in the 1980’s took over the market.  Go back further to the 1960’s when Barbie was most every little girls dream doll. That was before Google and the internet. Before Amazon. Word got around somehow and when Ken was born, OMG a boy doll!

First of all, don’t forget the Santa letter.

The Lalaloopsy Dolls are still popular and they too were a sneak up “most wanted” toy.

Then came the Monster High Dolls. I thought they were the most unique and colorful doll ever made. When I do go out to the stores, I find that section of the toy aisle still difficult to leave. I was a doll kid, both my girls were not.. My youngest loved “Lucy”

And I bought her a “I Love Lucy” doll just for kicks when she was older. She still has it, box unopened. She watched the reruns starting when she was about 4 years old. Her laughter was so fun to listen to, the I Love Lucy laugh. This went on for years.  One day she asked me what Lucy was doing now. She didn’t realize she was watching re- runs of past shows.  Oh, I hated to tell her that Lucy had passed. It was like telling her a close friend had gone.  She continued to watch the show for a couple more years but her laughter was not as contagious.

This year  Barbie Fast Cast Clinic Playset is hot in the UK, probably will catch on in the US, we do usually follow each other eventually.

Barbie Alive Shimmer’ n Splash Mermaid Baby Doll is making a splash in the market with the kids. This looks like a winner this year 2021.

Rainbow High Color Charge Car convertible.. really wicked cool.

L.O. L. Surprise!. It’s still selling big time. It must be the anticipation of not knowing what’s inside that promotes it.  I believe that’s what sold the Cabbage Patch Kids. But this is totally different.

They were not all alike, some boys, some girls and each had their own papers inside the box. Adoption papers with details of their birth. It was the adoption papers that sold that doll, the anticipation.

Also, high up there on the list of popular toys for Christmas 2021 is the Disney Princess Ultimate Celebration Castle. Hey folks, make it a little larger and I would live in it! Beautiful. Great gift for the girls, but you really can’t always judge. My older girl wouldn’t be interested in that at all. Give her a Big Wheel, the black colored one that spun around and beat feet. The boys in the neighborhood were jealous.  And she had no mercy! Still doesn’t! Just ask her brother.

My son wanted a tarantula in a glass cage at the pet store, or maybe an extra large snake for Christmas. I drew the line at that. He didn’t keep track of his things, left them around, room a mess. If I ever found a spider cage unlocked and empty, I would have to sell the house. Especially one that had housed a tarantula.

Although not to get off track here but I met a lady at the airport a few years ago from Arizona who told me she had a pet spider, a tarantula that lived under her refrigerator and greeted her every morning expecting breakfast. Really, I’m not kidding.  To each their own.

I’m not choosing one super popular toy yet but I will guess that it will be a Moose Toy.  Moose has made award- winning-toys so good and is being called out as the most creative company in the industry. They have put the WOW and OMG back into the toy.  And we all love to hear that Christmas morning.

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Wear Wearable Weight Loss Device Halloween

Keep track of your steps this Halloween. Don’t forget to put your activity band on. If you’re  walking the kids, get credit for your steps. They don’t come easily. Fitbit just sent me notice that Will Smith and team will be the premium ambassador for the premium option.  Walk with Will FREE. Check it out here.

Goodnight Everyone, I’m going to get some steps in before bed. Have a nice week.


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The Fate of Those Accused of Witchcraft

The Salem witches were not burned at the stake, or hanged or pressed to death. That was the fate of the women and men sentenced to death for the crime of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts.  Between June and September 1692, 14 women and 5 men were hanged and 1 man was pressed to death with rocks.

According to Salem Witch Trials: A Day-by-Day Chronicle of a Community under Siege by Marilynne K. Roach.  A holiday gift online for Halloween.



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Salem, Ma History and Hauntings

Guided Walking Tour, the history and walking tour of Salem, Ma. Really spooky at night. Or are you interested in historical tours, plus 28 more tours and activities, or the art and culture tours. A vey interesting and educational trips order Halloween Holiday gifts online. Click on the image below to check out spooky Salem.


Halloween in Salem, Ma.

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Halloween 2021

Teachers will just love the going to work the next day! Fill the kids full of candy, attempt to get them to sleep, drag them out of bed and throw them on the school bus, all pumped up and wild for the teachers to deal with. It’s so much better for Halloween to land on a Friday or Saturday night.

A spooky night it is and living in NE it always seems to be cold. You know the story goes like this. On October 31st, the earth edges closer to the world of the dead than any other time of the year, souls of another world may cross over and meet you sometime that night, and scare the crap out of you. Dead souls. This is a great night for scary stories read in a dimly lite room.Shull with mask on.

Halloween seems to start the holiday season. I can’t believe it’s back again so quickly. It’s been a scary year all year with a pandemic like we have never experienced. Looks like this year is somewhat better but we are not out of the woods yet. Last year, not a soul, dead or alive were out. At least on my street. The Covid rules have eased up some but please check with the restrictions for the region you preside in to make sure you are doing as asked on Halloween. It seems to me that they change every time I watch the news, what you can, what you can’t and what is expected changes. Do the best you can.

Shop for holiday gifts online and costumes, do it soon for best choices. Just a month to go. Don’t forget trick a treat bags and if you live in the colder regions, gloves and even ear covers may be needed. When I’m out too long in the cold, my ears ache. The younger ones, keep close and the 12 years of age, stay together. Maybe a house party would be better with the number count down due to Covid. Drivers, please watch out for the kids, and teens, no kissing!

Parents, remind those kids not to eat anything until it’s all home and inspected by an adult. Damn, I hear my Mama talking.

Stay Safe

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