September Zodiacs are Virgo/ Libra, Birthstone Sapphires, Symbolizes Heaven, Wise Judgment

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Virgo, the maiden, is finished with September on the 22nd, and Libra, the scale, thinks about entering on the 23rd and is there for about a week and then goes into Oct until the 22nd. Of course, if this person was born on the cusp, the 21st or 22nd, he/she has to think about where they are as far as characteristics and have to balance that scale!

Again, September includes the major holiday, Labor Day but nothing else for this month. Libra could care less, she/he is on the way to the spooky month. My older daughter was supposed to be brought in on a broom but came 3 days early and landed on her father’s birthday. Same day. Nothing alike! When we disagree, I see some of him in her!

The two, Virgo and Libra, although close in birthdate, are not a good match. They can be if they share a business or a few kids but it takes that kind of attachment to keep them both sane. That is too much work for this Libra to even consider. I’m the one who will whip your coffee cup right off the table and put it in the dishwasher before you are finished.

Virgo is an earth sign and reacts on intellect, not emotion usually. They bring Venus down. Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus. What happens in the bedroom? Need I say more? I’m going to anyway.

Virgo is searching for spiritual love and a partner they can talk to. Libra will usually be considering their own needs when in bed.

Blue Sapphire is September’s birthstone, symbolizes heaven and wise judgment, and makes a lovely gift for a family member partner, or personal friend. Check it out at Holiday Gifts Online.

Famous People Born in September

Will Smith, Bill Murray, Gwyneth Paltrow, Stephen King, Salma Hayek, President William Howard Taft

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