August Zodiacs are Leo/ Virgo, Birthstone Peridot Symbolizes Restful Sleep, Peacefulness, Harmony

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The month of August shares the zodiac with Leo, the Lion who comes roaring in from July 23 right to the 22nd of August. No major holidays the Lion deals with. Then August leaves with Virgo, the Maiden, on the 23rd and travels right through to September 23rd running into a major, end-of-summer Federal holiday, , always the first Monday of September. The Labor Day holiday says ” stand up folks and give thanks to the American worker. Job well done!”

Caregivers of school-age children deal with this time of year with obviously different emotions. If you have the opportunity to watch, teenagers are sent off with a hug and a smile, unless a first-day outfit choice went badly. Then it could be war. Kindergarten parents return with tears and thankfulness that they didn’t have to throw their “baby” on the bus! My first experience didn’t go well. After I unwrapped his legs from my legs, he did board the bus but was followed by his huge Labrador Retriever. A 100-pound dog was not easy for me to direct off that bus but I did manage. I returned to our home with both tears and relief. A memory I will never forget! But I’m smiling as I write.

Virgo and Leo in most cases get along much better than some other signs born in the same month or same sign. They can certainly make their days productive. They are very much alike. Both signs like to be effective in whatever they are doing. It doesn’t have to be the same thing they are up to but one’s reaction can affect the other’s reaction. They both work hard for what they want.

Leo has an inner child near the surface with a great sense of humor. He/she Virgo is a perfectionist and sometimes has to show impulsive Leo how to chill to find the right path. Virgo knows it can’t be all play and Leo seems to understand if approached with Virgo’s sedate understanding. That’s understanding each other’s quirks.

Leo and Virgo work well in the bedroom. Leo is showy and playful and Virgo understands the playfulness but this playfulness may need expanding. Virgo knows Leo will experiment in time as long as Virgo doesn’t play head games with Leo and attempt to hold back sex as an emotional punishment.

The green peridot is the birthstone of August. Sometimes it’s called chrysolite. The green color is dependent on the iron contents inside the gem. The more the greener so to speak. It’s certainly a beautiful gem and makes an excellent gift for a family member or personal friend born in August. Shop holiday gifts online for this beautiful green gem. The receiver will love it. Rumor has it that the Peridot relaxes the wearer and may keep the sleepwalker in bed or help put the insomniac to sleep. I’m not an August baby but an insomniac, going to try this.

Zodiac Leo and Virgo make great holiday gifts online for August friends or family.

Famous People Born in August:

Mother Teresa, President Bill Clinton, Jerry Garcia, Frances Scott Key, Tom Brady, Louis Armstrong