JUNE ZODIACS are Gemini/ Cancer, Birthstone Pearl, Gift of a Living Animal Associated with Innocence and Purity.

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The June Zodiac rolls in with Gemini up to the 20th just including Father’s Day ( of course that depends on the year) and rolls out with Cancer which captures the 4th of July. The month of June includes two major holidays, one belongs to Gemini, the twin, and the other to Cancer, the crab. Where the crab comes from, I don’t know but it usually doesn’t represent the personality of the person. I’m sure there are a few people born in June that are crabby but let’s face it, folks, there are crabs born in all months.

Oh, but the month of June has three birthstones, one of only three. August and December also have three birthstones. June’s stones are the Alexandrite, Moonstone, and the Pearl. All three are beautiful but the Pearl is something special. No other month has a birthstone from a living creature. They are associated with innocence and purity

Pearls are gifts from living saltwater or freshwater mollusk. That’s either an oyster or a mussel. Probably most of us have eaten them for lunch! Just kidding guys. But it is the only gem from a living creature. They are organic. I went on a cruise and the cruise ship was selling them all decked out in a fancy case and chain with the organic Pearl inside. Or what they said was organic, don’t know. Organic or natural pearls grow inside the mollusk when the mollusk secrets a liquid called nacre onto something such as sand or a parasite that slipped inside its shell and grew into a hard gem we call the pearl.

But cultured pearls are really man-made, sort of. Technicians slip a piece of mantle tissue into the mollusk host. The host reacts the same way the organic host does by covering the implanted material and that material makes a pearl. The cultured pearls are raised and protected in pearl farms. I paid only $25 for my pearl so it probably was cultured. But it’s still very pretty and did grow inside a mollusk.

Because of all the years of pearl fishing, the natural pearl is difficult to come by and costs mega bucks! Did you hear the story about Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, she married him twice I believe? Anyway, one of the most famous natural pearls is said to be the size of a pigeon’s egg. It was found in the Gulf of Panama in the 1500s. Somehow, years later, Richard Burton bought it and gave it to Elizabeth in 1969. It was made into a necklace and actioned for 11.8 million in 2011 after Elizabeth’s death, to an anonymous buyer. . Richard paid ONLY $37,000 for it and gave it to Elizabeth as a Valentine’s gift!

“Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry” book includes events that happened during the time she lost this one-of-a-kind pearl while right next to her present husband Richard.

If you have family or a personal friend born in June, shop holiday gifts online for June’s birthstone. You have a choice of three at all prices.

Famous June Birthdays:

Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings, Rachel McAdams, Alan Alda

Not to go off subject but I had to run downstairs to watch the ball drop.