July Zodiacs are Cancer/ Leo, Birthstone Stunning Ruby, Good Fortune, Courage, Raw Emotion

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Cancer brings the month of July in starting back in June right through to July 22, celebrating the 4th of July, then Leo, the Lion, escorts the month out crossing over into August up to the 22nd.

Just one major holiday, July 4th, but a huge celebration and meaning makes it our freedom day, United States birthday also referred to as Independence Day, a Federal Holiday, loud and proud. As far as the United States is concerned, it’s the best day of the year, everyone’s birthday.

From huge colorful parades to backyard barbeques to public displays of fireworks. In my neighborhood, private displays of “noise”. Sounds like bombs, not displays of color, just sticks of dynamite. Very dangerous.

Again, two Zodiac signs so close to a birthday that just doesn’t seem to be very compatible, maybe but not easily make a long and happy relationship. But it isn’t a terrible match. Both Cancer and Leo’s personality traits are loyal, and loving, making them last-oriented. With these likenesses, chances of survival together are good. It’s their quirks that could cause problems and make a lifelong stretch difficult. Both need to deal with each other’s way of expressing their emotions, they will have a chance together.

The Crab loves romantic sex. The Crab reminds me of a scene in a very popular sitcom from the mid-1990s to 2004. He/ She will light the candles, scatter rose petals, loves spooning, and be talked to in loving words that are sexually oriented. Talking dirty but gently can be a turn-on. The Crab’s partner knows immediately where the night is going. But the Crab is a pussy cat and loves to play and makes everything fun. Leo is the Lion and is well aware of his/her enviable traits and knows how to use them. Leo is bold and loves to be complimented. The Crab is very good at compliments and the Crab can keep up with Lion’s usually high libido. If both are aware of each other’s inner likes and dislikes, the relationship can be fulfilling. The Crab must remember that the Lion is bold and sometimes aggressive but this Lion must always realize that a pussy- cat knows how to use the claws and will scratch.

July Birthstone is the Red Ruby., this gem is colored by the element chromium. All other colored gems by the corundum are called sapphires. So it’s the color of the Ruby that makes it special. The Ruby is called the “King of precious gems.” It makes a great gift for a family member or special friend born in July or is often given as a 20th or 40th anniversary. All can be found on holiday gifts online.

Famous People Born in July:

Lindsay Lohan, David Hasselhoff, Henry David Thoreau, Nelson Mandela, Ernest Hemingway, Amelia Earhart