May Zodiacs Come in with Taurus until May 20th/ Ends the Month with Gemini through to June 20th, Birthstone Green Emerald, a Symbol of Rebirth

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Taurus hosts Mother’s Day this year on May 8th. Gemini includes Memorial Day May 30th and continues to Father’s Day, on June 19th. Mother’s Day is second to the Christmas holiday commercially for holiday gifts online. Memorial Day is a Federal holiday in honor of those who died while serving in the United States military, always on the last Monday in May. It’s also considered the kick-off to the start of summer. Father’s Day, well, give him a beer and a barbecue and set it all up in the back yard and he’ll be happy.

Again we have two zodiac signs born in the same month but ones is an earth sign and another an air sign. Do earth and air mix well? It can happen but really, Gemini, the sign of the Twin, bores easily and Taurus, the Bull, sort of drags his/her feet.

If Gemini is looking for a romantic relationship soon, these two are not a great match. As I have stated before, and this is my own opinion. The Bull is slow but steady and responsible. Usually can be trusted but with a Gemini, the Twin, it may take much work. The Bull doesn’t seem to know the meaning of soon. He/ She is the meaning of “I have to think it over!”

Taurus does best with a Virgo when they have their life together ( not in a teenage or early twenties relationship). Marriage is also good with Cancer and Scorpio. Yes, with the Scorpio. Opposites attract and in this case, the Scorpio is a passionate sign and Taurus desires physical pleasure and sensuality. Need I say more?

If you have a family member or personal friend born in May, shop holiday gifts online for their Emeral Birthstone.

Famous people born in May: George Clooney, Dwayne Johnson, Will Arnett, Breckin Meyer