April Zodiacs are Aries/ Taurus, Birthstone Diamond, Better Relationships, Increase in Inner Strength

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Aries shares the month of April with Taurus, bringing it in until 4/19 right through Easter Sunday and handing it over to the Bull. Both demand equal levels of intimacy from each other and are both fire signs so compatibility is very good. So close in birth dates and able to get along unlike some other zodiac signs that struggle in all areas of life from work, friends, love, and intimate activity.

But Taurus does well with a Scorpio or a Cancer also. The Bull is reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, and stable. This is the sign I mentioned before that should be hunted down on Valentine’s Day. But Taurus can be stubborn, very possessive, and will want you to tell him/her where you are all the time, and wants things their way. It’s difficult to change their mind. Maybe that’s why Aires is a good sign for the Bull. Aires could care less about many issues, lets things slide, and doesn’t worry about the past.

This two sort of even each other out. Taurus dislikes sudden changes. Change is ok but wants to be prepared, sort of warning of what’s coming next. God forbid if there are any complications in plans set up. Aries tends to turn heads to these idiosyncrasies and enjoys the fact that this partner loves to garden and cook. The two love music and could dance all night..

The April birthstone, the diamond, was once thought of as the “Tears of God.” It’s from the Greek word “Ananias” which means invincible. The diamond has many colors which depend on the impurities that are in the gem.

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Famous People Born in April: Robert Downey Jr., Emma Watson, Alec Baldwin