January Zodiacs are Capricorn/ Aquarius

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What a difference a day makes. Especially if your date of birth is at the very beginning or end date of a sign. That’s the cusp I believe. And to get it right, if you are really into this, you have to check your birth chart to know exactly what your sun sign is. It actually changes with the year. Now, I was born on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio. Now I was there in a previous post, been there, done that. It certainly was interesting. Many times the personalities blend with the holidays within the month.

Capricorn ends December and begins January, a tough sigh, get out of the way to the top. They like control. It’s the month of celebration, resolutions, losing weight, exercising more, body-conscious, a new start, and maybe a new job.

Any Capricorns present? You are an earth sign. They are usually grounded. I’m confused about that. So what is it, guys? Stick a little toe in the murky water, mix it all up and let everyone else dive in headfirst? I sense slight humor rising to your surface. But all and all, Capricorns have a growth mindset, not a fixed mindset. They make good friends, but can be stubborn and not open to new suggestions, even though they do like change, their way. Do I have a Capricorn family? Yes, friends? Yes. Maybe not now if they read my post! But I love them and find them doers, not dreamers, reach for the sky type of people.

Then Aquarius, Jan 21 – Feb 18 shares the end of January and goes right into February. I smile as I write about this Air sign. Maybe because this is the month of Valentine’s. .. the Love month. Aquarius is cerebral. They tend to be dreamers. The personality traits seem to match the Valentine’s holiday.

Capricorns may be pushing toward the new year, but Aquarius is different. They could care less. They are of a sassy nature. While the group is having chocolate, Aquarius is having strawberries. They don’t do well with orders like hop 1, 2, 3. If they don’t want to hop, they just won’t. If an Aquarius is told to jump, you won’t hear a reply of “how high” but you may hear a – -! You know what I mean. They tend to be gentle but spunky. Mostly I love them. I knew two very well and I miss them dearly.

Eyes water when that commercial of abused animals flash across the screen and that song. Do you know that one? Angel by Sarah Mc Lachlan. Aquarius are known to click the TV off or be brought to tears. That is a terrible terrible commercial. I hide my head under a pillow and cover my ears! Not only do Aquarius-born people tear up at that commercial.. it’s making a clear meaning.

The month of January birthstone has a range of colors but it’s usually dark red, called a Garnet, which means “seed”. This gemstone looks like the red seeds of pomegranate. The Garnet always makes a nice holiday gift for friends or family born in January.

If you have a family member or personal friend born in January, shop holiday gifts online for their Garnet Birthstone.

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