December Zodiacs are Sagittarius/ Capricorn with Birthstone Light Blue Turquoise Topaz/ Darker Blue, nearly Purplish Tanzanite

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I’m not sure how these two signs ended up in the same month. With some work and really understanding, they could make it work. If the timing is right, maybe, but it seems like too much work for me, but again that’s my opinion. I’m a Libra and a bit OCD ish! My sign is the SCALES, I like to balance everything.

Just imagining the loyal, mostly friendly, and likable Archer coming face to face or bed to bed with the controlling, headstrong Mountain Goat actually gives me a headache. The Capricorn does well with a Scorpio, Aries, or even a Gemini. The Capricorn usually wants to be exactly where his zodiac sign is reaching for, the TOP of the mountain, and nothing else will do.

Mountain goats have a motto: “I can succeed at anything I put my mind to. ” They are controlling and really amazing, intelligent, details are never overlooked, very hard on themselves and everyone around them, including their partners and good friends. Being a good friend of a Capricorn can be difficult but he/she is so tenacious, the friend must realize, this person is not a dreamer, but a very hard worker to get what’s wanted.

Capricorns are very difficult to understand, they are a powerhouse outwardly but deep inside are sensitive and emotional but few friends or partners can see it hidden deep inside. In fact, Capricorns keep a few friends, don’t like many, or can’t handle a large group of friends. But they are loyal and supportive of the ones they have.

When it comes to romantic relationships with Capricorn and another Capricorn, the male is as romantic as anyone else but takes things slowly. The female Capricorn loves sex and she is always ready! They both like control so where the heck that will go, I have no idea!

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WOW! What a combination of personalities.