Halloween 2021

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Teachers will just love going to work the next day! Fill the kids full of candy, attempt to get them to sleep, drag them out of bed and throw them on the school bus, all pumped up and wild for the teachers to deal with. It’s so much better for Halloween to land on a Friday or Saturday night.

A spooky night it is and living in NE it always seems to be cold. You know the story goes like this. On October 31st, the earth edges closer to the world of the dead than any other time of the year, souls of another world may cross over and meet you sometime that night, and scare the crap out of you.


Halloween seems to start the holiday season. I can’t believe it’s back again so quickly. It’s been a scary year all year with a pandemic like we have never experienced. Looks like this year is somewhat better but we are not out of the woods yet. Last year, not a soul, dead or alive was out. At least on my street. The Covid rules have eased up some but please check with the restrictions for the region you reside in to make sure you are doing as asked on Halloween. It seems to me that they change every time I watch the news, what you can, what you can’t, and what is expected changes. Do the best you can.

Shop for holiday gifts online and costumes, and do it soon for the best choices. Just a month to go. Don’t forget trick-a-treat bags and if you live in the colder regions, gloves and even ear covers may be needed. When I’m out too long in the cold, my ears ache. The younger ones, keep close and the 12 years of age, stay together. Maybe a house party would be better with the number count down due to Covid. Drivers, please watch out for the kids, and teens, no kissing!

Parents, remind those kids not to eat anything until it’s all home and inspected by an adult. Damn, I hear my Mama talking.

Stay Safe