About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Glenbye. The Glen is for my 2 kids with my ex and the bye is the first half of my maiden name and my youngest daughter.

I’m a former nurse. But I realize now that you can’t really be a former nurse. People have so many questions about their health from minor issues to much more serious matters. I do my best to help but always suggest that they call their doctor and ask. They owe it to themselves.

My passion, besides the internet, is walking, easiest way to exercise and except for a good fitting pair of shoes, it’s FREE!

I also walk for another reason. I have RRMS, relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Walking makes my legs stronger or at least feel stronger. My first attack was the worst where I actually lost control while shopping and staggered. Damn, I didn’t know what to do. I thought people would think I was drunk so I quickly put the hair dryer I was going to purchase down and headed for the door. I got to my car without incident and drove home, couldn’t walk but could still drive. I eventually got myself to the doctor and was diagnosed with MS. That was the only time I lost mobility or control. I do try to walk for exercise. My last exacerbation was in December 2020 that left increase numbness in my leg Everyone says to me when first hearing of my “issues” is that “you don’t look like you have MS.” You can’t see numbness and I can walk with numbness. I know I have been fortunate.

My website “Holiday Gifts Online” is how I always shopped, before and now… before covid, now and when it’s all over. I hate shopping in the stores, being pushed and stepped on. This is the NO MASKS SHOPPING SITE. Have you noticed that masks seem to make people mean?

HOLIDAY GIFTS ONLINE website contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you chose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link. It’s okay – I love all of these companies anyways, and you will too!

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