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Soon we say goodbye to the Tiger, gone for 12 years. The Tiger is beautiful and number 3 of the animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac calendar. Symbol of power and strength. The year of the Tiger is associated with the Earthly Branch symbol.

Year of the Tiger
Chinese New Year 2022 is the Year of the Tiger

Are you a Rabbit, actually a Water-Rabbit? The year of the rabbit starts in January 2023 and if you were born in 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, or 2011, you’re a bunny! The rabbit is the fourth in the twelve-year cycle of animals that appear in the Chinese Zodiac related to the Chinese Calendar. The Year of the Rabbit is associated with the Earthly Branch symbol .

The rabbit is just one place behind the tiger and not known for its physical strength but powerful in other life issues. Chinese astrology predicts them as gentle, quiet, elegant, alert, quick, skillful, patient, and extremely responsible. Maybe not rough and tough on the outside but mentally together. But watch that bunny. He/she is reluctant to spill the beans, will hold back and not tell others what thoughts are in the mind.

They are a faithful bunch of hoppers, especially to friends and loved ones.

Rabbit Luck

The numbers 3, 4, 6, or numbers containing them like say 34 or 46

Going out for the day? Choose the 26th, 27th, and the 29th. That holds true in every month, well, Chinese lunar month.

What’s your favorite color bunny? Red, purple, pink, and blue are the lucky colors for rabbits. But I wouldn’t suggest that all together in one outfit. If you are a guy, it might be difficult to pull off! But to each their own, I say!

The Rabbit’s lucky flowers are the plantain lily and the jasmine.

This is a better year for the Rabbit. Much better than 2021 or 2022. 2023 will have its difficulties but are generally not serious. Mostly smooth hopping is expected.


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15 Famous Rabbits
Kendrick Lamar
Mikael Pernfors
Michael Jordan
Kevin Smith
Frank Sinatra
Whitney Houston
Lionel Messi
Johnny Depp
Adut Akech

Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt

Lee Harvey Oswald
Lou Gehrig
Lil Nas X
Robin Williams

Hmm, don’t see much gentle and quiet in that list! But many times people of fame are nothing as the public sees them.

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What’s up for each of the zodiac signs of the Rabbit in your year 2023 folks? Or actually called the Water Rabbit 2023. I like to call it the Bunny Year. Bunnies are cute but don’t ever take them for granted. They are known to bite.

Enjoy the Bunny year folks, next comes the Dragon, shooting fire! The personality traits of people born in the year of the dragon are: charismatic, intelligent, confident, powerful and they are naturally lucky and gifted.


Zodiac Dragon Bowl

All 15 famous people listed above were born in 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999,or 2011, every one of them. It’s the year, not the month or day that makes them a Bunny or Water-Rabbit as the zodiac officially calls them.

If a person is born in 1939, has a child in 1963, a grandchild in 1987, a great-grandchild in 2011, they are all Water- Rabbits. There are 24 years apart which can be divided by 12 equally, 12 months in a year makes each in the Chinese zodiac a Water Rabbit. Goes by year date only.


Capricorn 2023 will be a good year. Good meaning exciting and you will be noticed. Not sure if that’s romantically or promotional. It’s a positive change and progress in many areas, The year of the Water Rabbit is calming. Relaxing most of the time. A nice change from the Tiger. The Tiger was somewhat rough on you. Keep your guard up, don’t be too trusting but most of all, continue to trust your own judgment. You know you better than anyone else. The advice you give friends, you need to use for yourself also.

Aquarius, the year of the Bunny will bring you some opportunities and a prosperous future but with that comes some problems. Buckle down and move ahead. You are of the Valentine’s month. You may find yourself in love with love but excitement may wear off quickly. Protect your heart.

Pisces, your compassion and creativity will carry you through the year of the Rabbit. The Pisces Rabbit is the socialite of the Chinese Western Zodiac. It feels like a good year but stop your procrastination. It is favorable to think matters through but hey man, you do have to take your foot off the brake and get with it. Basically talking to the guy. The female Pisces Rabbit already has what she wants, her goals all set in place, and is ready for the new year.

Aris, you remain full of energy during the year of the Water- Rabbit. The rest of the zodiac world continues to find your energy level taunting. Just remember that the newness you feel of a new love may be exciting but it may be well to slow it down for once in your life. The Bunny year can be restful and actually kind to you but be kind to yourself and acknowledge relaxation is needed for your both physical and mental well-being. You are human!

Taurus in 2023 will have a knock on their conscious self by the Water-Rabbit. In all cases, the Bunny affects each zodiac sign well but especially Taurus. It’s a year of peacefulness, free of the mistakes or misfortunes that were like a brick wall in 2022. Still, be careful and prepared for some troubles or accidents, and be aware of your surrounding.

Gemini, the year of the Water Rabbit will peer at your working career or professional life. This will begin right at the beginning of the year. Yikes, prepare yourself for the opportunities that await you. The Rabbit is a good year so check out your skills and maybe advancement. Last year pushed you hard. A headache of a year to say the least. But the coming year feels like dropping the baggage and moving towards progress and a pleasant life.

Leo, the Water Rabbit will bring you many surprises. Things are headed to changes. Changes are always difficult. Most fear changes and think of them as bad or at least difficult. But the year of the Bunny is mostly a kind or maybe a peaceful year. Your love life is scheduled for a tilt but don’t worry, the year of the Bunny with your personality will keep the change in your favor.

Cancer, the crab that loves life’s simple things like food and family. The kindest soul in the zodiac and the year of the Water- Rabbit seems to have been designed just for you. There may be a few bumps during the middle of the year, and some delays are frustrating but you got this. This gives you time to evaluate your actions and the bunny seems to bring you success. Not sure in what areas of your life but you will know when it happens, it’s a good thing.

Virgo, the maiden, the perfectionist and so logical faces the year of the Water Rabbit with some anticipation. Or maybe it’s in reverse. The bunny may not know what to do with this guy/girl. It could be a struggle but this maiden can adjust to almost any situation. The logical mind will make it work even if the rest of the zodiac signs seem to be so nonchalant about the peaceful year. All in all, in the love area, not the sex, and Virgos know the difference, smart in love, the year of the Water- Rabbit is on their side!

Libra, the year of the Water- Rabbit may begin bumpy but you are the sign that sees a glass half full. Better opportunities begin as time advances. But start planning early. Zodiac astrology senses a better than a good year for finances and other money issues.

Scorpio, ya you probably have heard some maybe adverse issues about this sign but this guy/gal has a good-natured disposition that at times can be misunderstood. But the year of the Rabbit has a positive effect on the Scorpion by bringing more calmness to the obvious personality. This is a temperamental person and not shy about relating that to others. Scorpio in the Rabbit year will maintain many friends but the enemies remain. I can’t see much change for the Scorpio in the year of the Rabbit. This one forgives deceit but occasionally will cheat. They also do not mind change. If they dislike the route that the year of the Rabbit brings, they choose a different destination with a so what attitude.

Sagittarius, the Archer, will have the opportunity to travel in the year of the Water-Rabbit 2023. This sign can have difficulty staying in one place for long periods of time and the year of the Bunny appears to go right along with this personality. 2023 is lucky or fortunate for Sagittarius. Perk up and enjoy the ride!